When ​you’re ​ready ​to ​buy ​your ​first ​home ​there ​are ​a ​number ​of things ​that ​come ​to ​mind ​from ​how ​much ​money ​you’ll ​need ​to where ​exactly ​you ​want ​to ​live.

You’ve ​likely ​already ​put ​together a ​list ​of ​all ​of ​your ​“must-haves” ​for ​the ​actual ​house, ​but ​you’ll also ​want ​to ​consider ​how ​that ​new ​home ​will ​fit ​into ​your lifestyle.

Moving ​is ​a ​big ​deal ​and ​your ​first ​home ​should ​enhance ​your lifestyle, ​not ​detract ​from ​it. ​When ​making ​the ​decision ​of ​which home ​to ​buy ​it’s ​critical ​that ​you ​look ​at ​how ​that ​home ​will ​work in ​your ​everyday ​life.

Here ​are ​five ​lifestyle ​considerations ​for ​buying ​your ​first ​home:

#1. ​Location, ​Location, ​Location

There’s ​a ​reason ​the ​“location, ​location, ​location” ​mantra ​is ​so widely ​used ​in ​real ​estate. ​Location ​matters, ​and ​not ​just ​for ​the obvious ​reasons. ​Sure, ​you ​want ​to ​consider ​the ​resale ​value ​of the ​area ​or ​the ​property ​taxes ​and ​school ​district, ​but ​it’s ​the ability ​and ​ease ​with ​which ​you ​can ​accomplish ​day-to-day ​tasks that ​can ​really ​make ​or ​break ​a ​location.

For ​example, ​if ​you ​currently ​live ​close ​to ​work ​and ​are considering ​a ​location ​further ​away ​for ​your ​first ​home, ​this ​will impact ​your ​lifestyle. ​More ​time ​spent ​commuting ​can ​have ​an impact ​on ​your ​schedule. ​Whether ​it’s ​being ​able ​to ​pick ​up ​the kids ​from ​daycare, ​do ​some ​shopping ​or ​making ​time ​to ​get ​to the ​gym ​or ​out ​for ​a ​run, ​all ​the ​little ​things ​in ​life ​take ​time.

It’s ​not ​just ​about ​commuting ​to ​work. ​Think ​about ​if ​there ​are other ​places ​you ​go ​to ​regularly, ​and ​how ​each ​possible ​home location ​works ​with ​that.

If ​you ​currently ​have ​children ​or ​are ​planning ​on ​having ​kids ​in the ​future, ​there ​are ​additional ​considerations. ​Are ​there ​schools in ​close ​proximity ​or ​will ​children ​need ​to ​travel ​to ​and ​from school ​on ​a ​daily ​basis? ​Are ​there ​suitable ​activities ​for ​kids nearby? ​Choosing ​a ​location ​that’s ​child-friendly ​will ​provide ​you with ​flexibility ​and ​convenience ​over ​time.

#2. ​Recreation ​and ​Amenities

How ​do ​you ​like ​to ​spend ​your ​time? ​Are ​you ​outdoorsy? ​A foodie? ​Someone ​who ​loves ​to ​pop ​down ​to ​the ​local ​stores ​to window ​shop?

When ​choosing ​your ​first ​home, ​finding ​a ​place ​that ​enables ​you to ​not ​only ​continue ​with ​many ​of ​your ​normal ​routines ​can make ​the ​adjustment ​to ​homeownership ​that ​much ​easier.

Think ​about ​what ​you ​like ​to ​do ​in ​your ​down ​time ​and ​start looking ​for ​neighborhoods ​that ​can ​support ​that.

A ​good ​place ​to ​begin ​is ​by ​deciding ​what’s ​most ​important ​to have ​close ​by ​to ​enhance ​your ​lifestyle. ​Some ​common considerations ​include:

  • Shopping
  • Restaurants
  • Parks
  • Trails ​or ​Walking ​Paths
  • Gyms ​or ​Recreation ​Centers
  • Public ​transit

#3. ​Your ​Budget

If ​you’re ​considering ​buying ​a ​home, ​you’ve ​likely ​already determined ​the ​budget ​for ​the ​actual ​house ​and ​budgeted ​for your ​down ​payment, ​closing ​costs ​and ​taxes ​to ​get ​you ​through the ​purchase.

Taxes ​and ​home ​maintenance ​will ​have ​to ​be ​accounted ​for ​on an ​ongoing ​basis. ​This ​is ​where ​townhome ​living ​can ​be ​a ​real plus ​as ​maintenance ​costs ​are ​lower, ​and ​if ​you ​purchase ​a ​new home ​you’ll ​have ​many ​years ​until ​you ​have ​to ​deal ​with ​routine items ​like ​getting ​a ​new ​roof.

Above ​and ​beyond ​these ​costs, ​buying ​a ​home ​may ​impact ​your ongoing ​monthly ​budget ​as ​well. ​For ​example, ​a ​monthly mortgage ​payment ​that’s ​higher ​than ​your ​current ​rent ​can translate ​to ​less ​disposable ​income.

To ​create ​a ​realistic ​budget ​for ​your ​first ​home, ​you’ll ​want ​to create ​a ​new ​monthly ​budget ​that ​takes ​all ​of ​these ​items ​into account.

#4. ​Your ​Five ​Year ​Plan

When ​you’re ​caught ​up ​in ​the ​excitement ​of ​buying ​your ​first home, ​thinking ​about ​where ​you’ll ​be ​five ​or ​ten ​years ​down ​the line ​may ​not ​be ​top-of-mind.

You ​may ​not ​have ​your ​entire ​life ​planned ​out, ​but ​knowing ​how long ​you ​plan ​on ​spending ​in ​the ​home ​before ​you ​purchase ​is important. ​The ​resale ​value ​of ​your ​home ​matters, ​and ​if ​you’re buying ​in ​an ​area ​that ​historically ​sees ​a ​slower ​rise ​in ​home values, ​buying ​and ​selling ​within ​the ​span ​of ​a ​few ​years ​may ​not yield ​the ​results ​you ​want.

Another ​major ​consideration ​if ​you’re ​looking ​at ​your ​five ​or ten-year ​plan ​is ​thinking ​ahead ​to ​what ​your ​life ​may ​look ​like. While ​no ​one ​has ​a ​crystal ​ball ​to ​see ​into ​the ​future, ​most ​of ​us have ​plans ​and ​goals ​we ​want ​to ​achieve ​so ​giving ​those ​some
thought ​is ​essential ​so ​you ​buy ​a ​home ​you ​can ​stay ​in ​for ​years ​to come.

#5. ​Features ​that ​are ​Essential ​to ​Your ​Lifestyle

Only ​you ​get ​to ​decide ​what ​matters ​most ​and ​would ​be considered ​“essential” ​for ​your ​lifestyle.

Think ​about ​your ​hobbies. ​If, ​for ​example, ​you’re ​an ​avid ​kayaker or ​cyclist, ​where ​are ​you ​going ​to ​store ​those ​bigger ​items? ​Do you ​need ​a ​garage ​because ​you ​love ​restoring ​motorcycles ​in ​your spare ​time?

A ​great ​example ​is ​how ​someone ​who ​is ​a ​keen ​gardener ​is probably ​going ​to ​want ​a ​bit ​of ​yard ​to ​work ​on. ​Conversely, someone ​who ​travels ​frequently ​for ​work ​and ​doesn’t ​spend ​a ​ton of ​time ​at ​home, ​may ​not ​have ​any ​interest ​in ​a ​garden ​or ​big lawn.

Buying ​your ​first ​home ​is ​an ​exciting ​prospect ​and ​you ​want ​to make ​the ​best ​choice ​possible. ​Taking ​time ​before ​you ​start looking ​at ​homes ​to ​figure ​out ​what ​matters ​most ​in ​your ​lifestyle means ​you’re ​that ​much ​more ​likely ​to ​find ​your ​perfect ​home.

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