It’s a new year and that means many interior design trends are on their way in — and out.

One thing of note is that several of this year’s interior design trends have us looking to the past for inspiration. Like many other things, interior design trends are often cyclical, so don’t be surprised if items and color palettes from your childhood are back in style.

Let’s take a look at eight interior design trends for 2023 to get you inspired.

world map on wall dining room

1. Bold Pops of Color

For the past decade or so, neutrals have been front and center in home interior design trends with beiges and grays have been the go-to colors.

However, as we move into 2023, big bold colors are coming back. Whether it’s a vibrant emerald on the walls or a deep eggplant sofa, this trend is all about making a bold statement that has a visual impact.

The trick with bold colors is not to overdo it. Pick one part of your room — like an accent wall — to act as the accent then layer more muted items with it.

wood slat wall in office cove

2. Accent Walls

Speaking of accent walls, these will continue to be a top interior design trend for 2023.

While many of us automatically think of using paint to create an accent wall, there are countless other options to make a wall a visually interesting focal point.

Wainscotting, interesting wallpaper, textured plaster or wood can all be used to create an accent wall.

A thoughtfully created accent wall can make a small space feel cozier or a large space feel more inviting.

3. Fire Tones

Now that you know bold colors are expected to be a top interior design trend in the coming months, you may wonder what colors will be hot (no pun intended).

“Fire” colors will see a huge surge this year, with hues like paprika, marigold, and crimson all being part of the palette. These colors all work well together but can also easily be used as a standalone pop of color in your room.

People often associate the colors with a more 70s vibe in home decor, which works well considering the next trend we’re going to talk about.

4. Back to the 1970s

Before you panic and start imagining a kitchen filled with harvest gold or avocado green appliances, we can confirm that the 1970s resurgence won’t be quite as eclectic as it was the first time around.

The goal with this trend is to create a 70s-inspired space, pulling from some of the best of what the decade has to offer. The 70s was known for its boho vibe, so rattan furniture — which rarely goes out of style — fits the bill perfectly. Some other ideas for getting that 70s feel might include velvet furniture, big and bold wallpaper, terrazzo flooring or countertops, exposed brick, lava lamps, and decor items made of macrame.

Bedroom with Blue Painted Blend Wall

5. Mixed Decades and Eras

Feeling like committing to the 1970s vibe would be too much for your home? That’s okay because another interior design trend we’ll see this year is the mixing of eras in home decor.

What we love about this trend is that it’s interesting. You don’t have to feel boxed into any one specific era, and you can mix and match pieces that speak to you.

By combining modern pieces with more vintage ones, you can create a room that honors the past while looking current. Want to put that mid-century modern coffee table next to a pair of Queen Ann chairs? Go for it!

There are no rules when it comes to mixing eras, and your house should showcase all the different things you love — even if they “aren’t supposed to” go together.

6. Vintage Resurgence

People are starting to focus more on sustainability and lowering their carbon footprint, so breathing new life into old pieces is a great way to capitalize on some interior design trends while also being a friend to the environment.

Gone are the days when your interior decor is expected to be a perfectly matched set, so taking a mix-and-match approach can be an amazing way to give your space a bit of personality.

Let’s use your dining room as an example. If you’ve already got a table you like, you can hunt down four or six chairs (that don’t have to match!) and paint them all the same color to make them a bit more uniform. Add a vintage tablecloth and a few serving pieces and now you’ve got a space that is totally unique.
To find your ideal retro pieces, check out some vintage and antique stores, flea markets, consignment stores, and in-person or online yard sales.

7. Craftsman Workmanship

While it’s often easy (and less expensive) to buy build-it-yourself items from big box stores, with more and more people focused on sustainability, craftsman workmanship is coming back in vogue.

Having spent so much time in our homes the past few years, we’ve all had time to really consider the functionality and aesthetics of the pieces of furniture we own, which is leading more people to look for pieces that showcase high levels of workmanship. Consumers are looking for both longevity and uniqueness in their pieces, and craftsman-level workmanship offers that.

These pieces, often one-a-kind, add interest to the home and while they’re functional, they can also be freestanding pieces of art.

Statement Kitchen with Blue Cabinets

8. Statement Kitchens

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a lot of white and gray kitchens. And there’s a reason for that! Kitchens are often one of the biggest investments in your home, so people tend to want to play it a bit more “safe” when picking their finishes.

However, as we move into 2023, interior design trends with kitchens are moving towards bold. That means cabinets in less traditional kitchen colors like black, forest green, or navy blue. Blues and greens in particular are expected to be big in the kitchen space in the coming year.

If going with a bold cabinet feels like too big of a commitment, there are other places in the kitchen you can make bold choices — bright and colorful backsplash tile, unusual hardware, show stopping stone countertops, and more. And if those still seem too bold, we suggest bringing in the color with small appliances, linens, and other kitchen accessories.

Which Interior Design Trends Speak to You?

Whether you’re having a new home built from the ground up or you’re looking to refresh some of your current rooms, there are interior design trends to suit any taste.

Like any other trends, you’ll be best served by choosing the ones that resonate with your personal style and taste. Your home is a reflection of you, and the way you decorate should give you a space that’s not only functional but brings you joy each day.

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