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How will I be involved in the construction process of my new home?

We have several Orientations and On-Site walks designed to involve you in our processes. You will have:

A Homeowner Orientation that occurs within 1-2 weeks after Mutual Acceptance (30-45 min). This meeting covers:

  • The Purchasing Process
  • The Construction Process
  • Verification of your Home Personalization Selections
  • Your Warranty Information and Procedures
  • Who to Contact
  • And more

A Primary Walk, approximately 1 week before Close of Escrow (2 hr). This walk covers:

  • A full orientation of your finished home
  • A chance to inspect all finished surfaces before move-in
  • Homeowner maintenance orientation

Closing Walk, the day of or before closing (30 min). This walk provides you with a chance to inspect and sign-off on any punch-items from the Primary Walk. It is our policy to not close homes with open items.

What input do I have on the construction of my new home?

We are a production home builder. This means we have streamlined our processes and material orders well in advance, so that we can provide you a higher value product. We have also planned for certain options to be available to you, but we are not capable of allowing variations beyond these predetermined options.

How does the Home Personalization Process work?

For those homes that have options available for selection we ask that all options/selections are decided upon within 5-days of mutual agreement. Your Westcott Homes Representative will go over your final selections at the time of your Home Owner Orientation. Once the trusses are set on your home, some of the available options/selections will no longer be available for upgrading or changing, this list includes cabinetry, electrical, and mechanical upgrades. We must establish and adhere to cut-off dates for options to remain consistent with our homebuyers, vendors and trade partners, so options need to be confirmed as soon as possible.

Why don’t I have any options available to me?

Please note that some houses will not have options available to select, depending on what stage of the build process the house is in at mutual acceptance. Shortly after mutual agreement, you should receive a Buyer’s Resources Email which includes a spreadsheet indicating the stage of production your home is in on that particular date. Also included are links to our website where you can find tons of helpful resources, tools and tidbits for you to utilize. Once the trusses are set on your home, some of the available options/selections will no longer be available for upgrading or changing, this list includes cabinetry, electrical, and mechanical upgrades. We must establish and adhere to cut-off dates for options to remain consistent with our homebuyers, vendors and trade partners, so options need to be confirmed as soon as possible.

I see that my foundation is complete. I still have all options available to me, right?

Many options are still available, however, we must be made aware of any framing changes and/or exterior door upgrades immediately at mutual acceptance. These changes may incur an option cost as well as a change order fee.

Why are cut-off times so early in the process for some items?

Please keep in mind that many of our options require a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks, therefore some cut-offs are quite early in the construction of your home.

May I hire someone to do work in my home while it is under construction for options that you don’t offer?

No. Due to insurance and warranty requirements, all work on the home must be completed by our trade partners.

There is something I‘d like to add to my options, but I don’t see it listed on my options worksheet. Can you provide the option?

We always welcome suggestions, and our options offerings are updated two to three times annually. Many times, these are based on our buyers’ suggestions, however typically only those options shown on our option selection lists are available.

What are the window sizes? I want to purchase my window coverings from someone other than your recommended supplier.

Window dimensions can vary slightly, and we suggest that you arrange to measure each window or have your window treatment installer measure after sheetrock and millwork are completed.

What are the dimensions of the refrigerator opening?

The dimensions of this opening can vary slightly due to framing variations. For an accurate measurement, we suggest you arrange an appointment with someone on the Site Sales Team to measure the opening after all hard surfaces and millwork is installed.

I have a "buyer bonus" as part of my contract. May I apply this bonus to option purchases?

If your contract states that you have seller provided financial assistance, you may apply all or part of these funds to your option purchases. However, the 50% non-refundable deposit is still required if you choose to use bonus funds for option purchases and must be collected at the conclusion of your Homeowner Orientation.

If my options are added into my contract, my payment will go up. May I pay cash instead?

The Excise Tax Division of the Washington State Sales Tax Department regulations prohibits the builder from collecting sales tax from the buyer, which in turn, disallows a cash payment option. You may, however, pay down your options costs at closing to reduce the amount of your mortgage and payments. We suggest you discuss the various mortgage amounts and scenarios with your loan officer.

What will happen if I miss a walk?

The Primary Walk can be rescheduled. However, this can delay the closing of your home. We need to give our construction team ample time to tend to the items you point out during this walk. You may waive the Primary walk which waves your right to generate a punch list on your home.

The Closing Walk cannot be rescheduled. This takes place on the closing date of your home and, if missed, can delay the closing of your home. Westcott Homes’ policy is to deliver a complete home to our buyers. A complete home cannot be verified by the buyer if this walk is missed.

Can someone attend a walk in my place?

No. The only people that can attend a walk are those that are on the title. This is because there are documents that will need to be signed and only the buyer’s signatures are permitted. It is also encouraged that only the buyers attend these meetings to avoid any distractions to the buyers and those conducting the walk. This will allow the most information to be administered in the shortest amount of time.

Am I allowed to visit my home during construction?

Absolutely, but your future home is our place of business; unsupervised visits are a serious safety concern and are not allowed at any time. We do hope you visit your future home during production but you must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Site visits times are by appointment only. Please schedule with the Site Sales Team.
  • Must wear a hard hat at all times.
  • Must wear closed toe shoes.

Who is my primary point of contact?

The Sales and Marketing Coordinator will be your primary point of contact for Home Personalization matters and all other concerns until Close of Escrow, at which point your Warranty Manager will become your primary point of contact.

What do I need to do if I decide to change my lender?

You must inform us within 24 hours of any lender change. We require this so that we can help you steer clear of any complications with the financing and closing processes.

If I call the builder with a question, how long will it take them to get back to me?

It is the builder’s policy to return all email or phone communications within 1 business day.

When will I know if my house will receive a patio or deck in back, or a wooden front porch or aggregate concrete one?

The builder makes this determination immediately prior to the rough grading. This is necessary because this determination is based off of the finish height of the lot.

When will I know the closing date?

The builder will provide you with a closing date approximately 30 days prior to closing.

When will I get the keys to my home?

Keys will be released when the builder receives confirmation that your loan has funded and recorded. This should happen on your closing date.