The Greater Seattle area continues to grow, with surrounding communities — like Edmonds, WA — becoming even more appealing to those looking for a slower pace of life while still having a major city within commuting distance.

When searching for a new home, there are many considerations. Communities like Edmonds can tick all the right boxes: location, the pace of living, amenities and so much more.

Here’s an overview of what Edmonds, WA has to offer.

The History of Edmonds, WA

Nestled in the southwest of Snohomish County and bordered to the west by Puget Sound, Edmonds, the area was originally home to the Suquamish tribe.

Like many other communities in the area, it was initially settled by people looking to leverage logging opportunities. The town began to become more established in the 1870s, with the first sawmill, wharf, and general store being built.

In 1890 the town became incorporated and continued to expand over the next several decades. The 1950s saw the closure of the Edmonds Mill which was quickly replaced by other manufacturing businesses. The 50s and 60s brought a redevelopment of the waterfront, with the construction of a marina, public beach, breakwater, and new ferry terminal.

Then, the 80s brought a revitalization of the downtown core, which had suffered a downturn due to the building of several shopping malls in the area.

Since that time, various projects to boost the economy and recapture green space have taken place, and now, Edmonds, WA is a vibrant community with over 40,000 residents.

Main Street in Edmonds WA 1910

Main Street in Edmonds WA 1910. (Photo courtesy Edmonds Historical Museum)

Edmonds, WA: What It’s Like Today

The current community in Edmonds boasts diversity in their residents with new families, professionals, and retirees and offers a pace of life that is highly appealing to everyone. The average age in Edmonds is 45 years old.

Centrally located along the I-99, the location makes it easily commutable to Seattle and Everett, ADD and ADD. However, getting around by car isn’t your only option. The Sounder North (Everett-Seattle) rail line offers two stops in the community during peak commuting times.

Also, the Edmonds/Kingston ferry provides access to Port Townsend, Port Angeles, Hood Canal, Poulsbo, and Bremerton via Kingston. Residents of the area take advantage of Community Transit which offers bus routes throughout Snohomish County and a route directly to Seattle.

SoundTransit Sounder Train

Try taking the Sounder event trains to a Seattle adventure.


For those looking to ensure a great education for their children, the Edmonds School District is rated as above average, with 35 schools in the district. It’s one of the the most diverse districts in the state, with over 20,000 students.

In addition to delivering high-level academics, the school district offers a vast number of programs targeted towards students of all different interests and ability levels: science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), visual and performing arts, vocational and technical trades, highly capable and gifted, multilingual and special education, and so much more!

Outdoor Living

If there’s one thing Edmonds, WA can offer people it’s outdoor recreation. Between the parks, beaches, trails, and water it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream!

Being a seaside town, it’s not surprising that watersports are a huge activity in the area. Marina Beach Park offers a playground, beach, picnic tables and of course, a mesmerizing view of the water.

Meadowdale Beach Park is also great for the whole family (including your dog!) for swimming, hiking, and countless other water sports and activities.

Olympic Beach and Brackett’s Landing South are also in the area, making it easier than you can imagine to take advantage of the spectacular waterfront in the community.

Brackett’s Landing is also home to the Shoreline Sanctuary Conservation Area and is renowned as a dive park. Throughout the year you can see people gearing out and hitting the water to explore the extensive wildlife in the area.

For those who aren’t interested in getting in the water, the area also offers tours for whale watching and charters for fishing. Puget Sound is known for its year-round fishing opportunities, which include Chinook salmon in spring and summer and Coho, Pink, Chums, and Sockeye in the fall.

If hiking and biking are more your speed, you’ll have endless opportunities both in town and just a short drive away. Some favorites in the area include:

  • Sword Fern and Highline Trail
  • Picnic Point Park
  • Southwest County Olympic View Park
  • Edmonds Boardwalk to Marina Beach
  • Doughty Falls Viewpoint Loop
  • Rattlesnake Ledge
  • Mount Washington

Additionally, the City of Edmonds is continually working on improving roads and walkways to make the community even more friendly to pedestrians and bikes.

Arts & Culture

Whether you’re looking to take in some performing, visual or literary arts or want to check out some local music, Edmonds, WA has a great array of options.

The Edmonds Center for the Arts is a community hub with a 700-seat capacity theatre that plays host to local, national, and international acts. The center partners with various local groups, like the Olympic Ballet Theater and School which is a non-profit that performs for over 15,000 audience members each year.

Edmonds Center for the Arts

The Edmonds Center for the Arts is also home to the Cascade Symphony Orchestra. You can also catch live jazz, rock, folk music acts and so much more at the center, as well as at some of the local pubs and bars.

If live theater is something you’re excited about, Edmonds, WA is home to both the Edmonds Driftwood Players and The Phoenix Theatre group. Both are known for their various annual events and for offering interactive experiences to their audiences.

Of course, we can’t forget The Edmonds Theater, which will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2023. Offering a mix of old and new films, often providing free admission, this theater gives visitors a more intimate experience.

Downtown Edmonds, WA had several art galleries to visit, including Cole Gallery, MaJe, Aria Studio, Randall J. Hodges, Christopher Framing, Driftwood Modern, Gallery North and Art Works. An art lover’s dream!

The town also has several murals commissioned by Mural Project Edmonds — making your walk around the community even more picturesque.

Shopping & Dining

If you’re planning on exploring downtown Edmonds, WA, we recommend parking the car and going by foot. The downtown core is roughly one mile from end-to-end and offers incredible views of the mountains and Puget Sound.

The food scene in Edmonds is one of the community’s best-kept secrets, with something for every palette. Whether you want a feast of seafood, a stack of tacos, some mouth-watering sushi, or a fusion of international cuisines, you have plenty of options.

Some of the most talked about local restaurants include:

If you’re interested in checking out some local shops, the Edmonds Downtown Alliance is an excellent resource to find whatever type of stores you’re looking for.

We suggest taking a leisurely stroll through the downtown hub to acquaint yourself with what’s available, but we promise that whether you’re looking for clothes, gifts, hobby and craft items, antiques, or beauty items, you can likely find them easily right here in Edmonds, WA.

If hitting a shopping plaza is more your speed, there are several around town you can check out. Salish Crossing, the Edmonds Holiday Market, Doces Mall are all nearby, and if you’re up for a bit more of a drive you can check out Alderwood Mall.

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