When ​it ​comes ​to ​technology, ​there’s ​no ​shortage ​of gadgets ​on ​the ​market ​to ​make ​your ​house ​“smarter”.

Over ​the ​last ​several ​years ​the ​concept ​of ​“smart ​homes” ​has become ​more ​popular ​as ​home ​buyers ​look ​for ​these features. ​A ​smart ​home ​offers ​options ​for ​your ​security, accessibility, ​efficiency ​and ​convenience.

Here’s ​everything ​you ​need ​to ​know ​about ​smart ​homes, and ​why ​you ​may ​want ​to ​consider ​purchasing ​one.

What ​is ​a ​Smart ​Home?

A ​smart ​home ​is ​a ​residence ​that ​can ​have ​appliances, lighting, ​heating, ​air ​conditioning, ​TVs, ​computers, entertainment ​audio ​and ​video ​systems, ​and ​security systems ​that ​are ​capable ​of ​communicating ​with ​one another.

These ​features ​can ​be ​controlled ​remotely ​from ​any ​room ​in the ​home, ​as ​well ​as ​from ​any ​location ​in ​the ​world ​by ​a smartphone ​or ​an ​internet ​connection.

Many ​smart ​home ​options ​can ​be ​added ​by ​the homeowner ​after ​purchase, ​however, ​if ​you’re ​buying ​a ​new build ​you ​have ​the ​power ​to ​have ​many ​of ​them ​built ​into the ​home ​from ​day ​one. ​This ​can ​make ​a ​big ​difference with ​the ​comfort ​and ​convenience ​and ​the ​resale ​value ​of your ​home ​later ​on.

There ​are ​multiple ​smart ​features ​you ​can ​consider ​when ​it comes ​to ​your ​new ​home. ​Here ​are ​a ​few ​of ​the ​most popular ​ones:

Smart ​Lighting

Imagine ​coming ​home ​late ​at ​night ​and ​having ​the ​lights turn ​on ​with ​one ​quick ​push ​of ​a ​button. ​With ​a ​modular switch, ​all ​the ​lights ​in ​your ​home ​can ​be ​controlled ​from the ​switch, ​your ​smartphone ​or ​even ​just ​using ​your ​voice. Lights ​can ​be ​pre-programmed ​to ​come ​on ​or ​turn ​off ​at ​set times ​which ​is ​helpful ​when ​you ​know ​you’re ​coming ​and going ​from ​the ​house.

A ​high-end ​smart ​lighting ​system, ​like ​Deako, ​uses Bluetooth ​technology ​so ​you ​don’t ​need ​wifi ​to ​control ​your settings.

Smart ​lighting ​helps ​save ​money ​on ​your ​electric ​bill ​by ensuring ​lights ​are ​only ​being ​used ​as ​needed ​and ​adds peace ​of ​mind. ​When ​you’re ​traveling, ​or ​know ​you’re coming ​and ​going ​at ​odd ​hours, ​lights ​can ​be ​timed ​so ​your house ​isn’t ​dark ​and ​looking ​like ​nobody ​is ​home.

Keyless ​Entry

You ​can’t ​dispute ​the ​ease ​of ​keyless ​entry. ​We’ve ​all ​been there, ​rooting ​through ​our ​bag ​or ​jacket ​pocket, ​arms ​full ​of groceries, ​trying ​to ​find ​the ​house ​key ​so ​we ​can ​get ​inside.

Most ​keyless ​entry ​systems ​offer ​integrated, ​self-monitored, security ​that ​can ​be ​customized ​to ​your ​needs. ​Most ​keyless entry ​systems ​are ​linked ​to ​your ​smartphone ​and ​provide alerts ​when ​the ​alarm ​is ​triggered.

There ​are ​also ​some ​even ​more ​advanced ​features ​such ​as the ​touchscreen ​deadbolt ​offered ​by ​Schlage, ​which automatically ​relocks ​if ​you ​forget ​to ​do ​it. ​Or ​an ​alarm

triggered ​by ​door ​activity ​that ​will ​be ​tripped ​if ​someone ​is trying ​to ​forcibly ​enter ​the ​home.

Imagine ​the ​freedom ​of ​knowing ​you ​could ​monitor ​and control ​your ​home ​security, ​even ​when ​you ​aren’t ​there!

Soft ​Close ​Cabinets

While ​it ​may ​not ​seem ​like ​something ​that ​is ​a ​“must-have” for ​your ​home, ​there ​are ​so ​many ​benefits ​to ​soft ​close cabinets.

Not ​having ​to ​ever ​hear ​someone ​slam ​a ​cabinet ​or ​drawer again, ​is ​probably ​the ​first ​benefit ​that ​comes ​to ​mind ​with a ​soft ​close, ​but ​it’s ​just ​the ​start.

For ​example, ​when ​you ​slam ​a ​drawer, ​the ​contents ​often go ​flying. ​In ​a ​household ​with ​children, ​soft ​close ​cabinets are ​an ​additional ​safety ​feature. ​Tiny ​fingers ​won’t ​get pinched ​in ​cabinet ​doors, ​and ​since ​they ​cannot ​be slammed, ​you ​won’t ​have ​excited ​little ​people ​clanging about ​just ​for ​the ​fun ​of ​it.

Lastly, ​having ​soft ​close ​cabinets ​actually ​lengthens ​their lifespan. ​With ​less ​stress ​on ​the ​hinges, ​pulls ​and ​rails ​and the ​cabinets ​and ​drawers ​always ​being ​closed ​properly, your ​kitchen ​will ​see ​less ​wear ​and ​tear, ​keeping ​it functioning ​beautifully ​for ​longer.

In-Floor ​Heating

While ​this ​may ​not ​be ​something ​that ​comes ​to ​mind ​as ​a smart ​feature, ​it ​definitely ​is. ​In-floor ​heating ​is ​energy efficient, ​and ​has ​a ​positive ​impact ​on ​your ​heating ​bills.

Your ​floor ​retains ​the ​heat ​for ​longer, ​so ​you ​need ​less ​heat overall ​in ​the ​room. ​Heat ​is ​also ​distributed ​evenly, ​unlike heat ​the ​comes ​from ​vents.

Key ​Benefits ​of ​a ​Smart ​Home

The ​personal ​benefits ​of ​different ​smart ​home ​features ​will vary ​depending ​on ​how ​you ​live ​day-to-day. ​Here ​are ​four benefits ​that ​can ​have ​the ​biggest ​impact ​for ​your ​home and ​lifestyle:


There’s ​no ​denying ​that ​the ​ability ​to ​control ​certain features ​of ​your ​home ​while ​you ​aren’t ​even ​there ​is extremely ​convenient.

That ​convenience ​is ​generally ​one ​of ​the ​biggest ​reasons buyers ​look ​for ​smart ​homes. ​The ​ability ​to ​streamline things ​throughout ​the ​house, ​and ​easily ​access ​different things ​like ​a ​hard ​drive ​to ​watch ​your ​movies ​in ​any ​room make ​the ​convenience ​of ​a ​smart ​home ​unbeatable.

Security/Peace ​of ​Mind

Everyone ​wants ​to ​feel ​like ​their ​home ​is ​a ​safe ​space ​and security ​systems ​are ​nothing ​new. ​In ​today’s ​smart ​homes, the ​security ​systems ​can ​be ​very ​advanced. ​In ​addition ​to motion ​sensors ​and ​security ​cameras, ​there ​are ​keyless entry ​options ​using ​things ​like ​fingerprint ​technology.
Having ​the ​ability ​to ​ensure ​your ​home ​is ​secure ​when you’re ​not ​there ​offers ​confidence ​that ​your ​house ​is protected.


Accessibility ​technology ​has ​come ​a ​long ​way. ​Voice command ​systems ​can ​do ​things ​like ​control ​lights ​and ​lock doors. ​For ​people ​with ​mobility ​issues, ​the ​ability ​to ​control heating ​and ​cooling ​or ​blinds ​is ​very ​convenient. ​With ​so many ​options ​for ​accessibility, ​your ​home ​can ​be customized ​to ​meet ​the ​needs ​of ​everyone ​living ​in ​the house.


We ​all ​know ​about ​energy ​efficient ​appliances, ​but ​when ​it comes ​to ​smart ​home ​technology ​efficiency ​goes ​beyond just ​a ​few ​appliances. ​By ​having ​everything ​in ​your ​home connected, ​it ​means ​you’re ​able ​to ​monitor ​everything ​for maximum ​efficiency.

Whether ​you’re ​adjusting ​lights ​when ​a ​room ​is ​already bright ​with ​natural ​light ​or ​lowering ​the ​thermostat ​during the ​day ​when ​nobody ​is ​home, ​making ​small, ​ongoing adjustments ​can ​have ​a ​positive ​impact ​on ​your consumption ​of ​things ​like ​energy ​and ​natural ​gas. ​The more ​efficient ​you ​can ​make ​your ​home, ​the ​more ​money you’re ​putting ​back ​in ​your ​pocket ​every ​month.

There ​are ​plenty ​of ​other ​smart ​home ​features ​on ​the market ​that ​we ​didn’t ​mention ​above, ​so ​when ​it ​comes ​to deciding ​you ​want ​a ​smart ​home, ​research ​is ​key. ​When talking ​to ​your ​builder, ​find ​out ​what ​they ​offer ​as ​part ​of the ​house ​purchase ​and ​confirm ​the ​benefits ​of ​the features.

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