As you’re starting to go through all the steps in buying your dream home, choosing a builder is one of the most important choices you need to make.

You want to know you’re going to get exactly what you want, including a house built for the unique needs of the area. And that’s exactly why you should consider making the decision to buy from a local builder.

While you’re contemplating who you want to entrust to build your dream home, here are some compelling reasons to buy from a local builder to the Pacific Northwest — like Westcott Homes.

#1 Representing the Community

Local builders know the neighborhoods and communities in your area like Solway in Issaquah and The 19 at Elk Run in Maple Valley. They know about the schools, parks, and trails as well as local businesses, and may be able to enlighten you with facts that you weren’t aware of that might be a make-it or break-it turning point for you.

Do you have young kids who love having access to a neighborhood playground? Local builders can offer suggestions on things like local parks and city recreation programs, saving you time and legwork.

Are you empty-nesters who are looking to downsize into your next home but upsize the amenities like an outdoor living area with fireplace? Then local builders can help.

At Westcott Homes, we pride ourselves in having in-depth knowledge of the communities we serve because we are part of the community. Chances are, a Westcott Homes employee is living in a nearby neighborhood!

We’re there with you every step of the way to ensure you purchase your home in the perfect area for your needs and desires.

#2 Making a Positive Impact

When you choose a local builder, you’re actively supporting and boosting your local economy, to the benefit of the entire community.

At Westcott, we have a stake in the success of the community and are a part of the overall economic vitality. A growing area lends itself to more opportunities for everyone who lives there.

By taking the opportunity to visually revitalize areas with new home designs, the community looks more appealing and inviting. New subdivisions mean new families are moving into the area and contributing to the local economy.

Local businesses are invested in their community, and often take an active role in attending and sponsoring local events and activities. There’s a trust factor when it comes to local businesses working with other businesses in the community — and both sides want the other to succeed because a healthy economy means more business for everyone.

#3 Right Priced in Desirable Areas

Westcott Homes has a proven process to build quality homes in desirable areas that deliver the highest value and modern amenities to our customers. This process enables us to price competitively and help people realize their dream of new home ownership.

We choose to build in communities that offer access to the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer — thriving businesses, great schools, amazing outdoors experiences and so much more.

There are many options for your finishing touches in your new home and Westcott Homes is more than happy to bring your vision to reality at a reasonable cost. Consider us your home building experts. We all work together to make sure your buying experience is as painless and cost-effective as possible.

Because we’re local, we’ve forged long term relationships with local contractors, which means we can deliver quality workmanship while keeping costs reasonable for everyone.

#4 Enforcing the Homeowner Warranty

Dealing with things that may go wrong in your new home is never fun, but it is much more convenient when you have confidence knowing your builder is local, responsive and provides quality service for years after you purchase.

With local builders, the homeowner warranty can be easy to enforce. You’re working with someone who is in your backyard (so to speak), so you have fewer hoops to jump through when getting your concerns addressed.

There is also the comfort of dealing with people that you “know.” When working with national and regional builders, you may not talk to the same people all the time and the lines of communication can get muddled. There are more opportunities for things to go amiss when you have to make multiple calls to multiple people multiple times to get your issues resolved.

With local builders, there is a good chance that you will deal with the same people from start to finish. One of the things we enjoy most about being local builders is building relationships with our customers. We love that personal contact as it helps us to continue to improve what we do and make the homes we build even that much better.

As local builders, Westcott Homes aims to deliver personal — and personalized — service to the communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Nothing pleases us more than exceeding the expectations of home buyers. The experience is like no other that you go through, and it’s made even that much better when you buy from a local builder. Westcott Homes wants to be your central point for buying your new build home with as little stress and as few a headaches as possible.

Westcott Homes offers modern living and smart design for today’s active families, in neighborhoods with room to grow. Our flexible floorplans, durable Pacific Northwest exteriors and luxurious interior details add up to a home you’ll delight in every day, and for years to come.