2019 Interior Design Trends

It’s 2019 and that means it’s time to review some of the hottest interior design trends that are finding their way into homes. Some are on the functional side and others are more aesthetically pleasing, but either way, you won’t go wrong with these ideas.

1. Outdoor Living Spaces with Fireplaces

What’s better than cozying up by a fireplace while enjoying the fresh Washington air? Even when it’s chilly, you don’t have to be!

That’s why we included this well-loved feature in our Westcott Homes at 19 Elk Run in Maple Valley. Our outdoor living spaces with fireplaces are the perfect place to cuddle with your loved one or gather ‘round with your family and friends. In any case, you’ve got the recipe for warmth and relaxation or a perfect place enjoy life.

With the unpredictable Washington weather, it’s a great idea to have an inside and outside option for entertaining purposes. While our homes have substantial gathering areas indoors, it’s always nice to have the outside venue for a change of pace.

An added benefit of having a fireplace in your outdoor living space is that it can feel as comfortable as it does inside your home without being cooped up. So, go ahead, and enjoy the fire — both day and night.

Outdoor living space at The Nineteen Elk Run in Maple Valley, WA.

2. Tall Ceilings

Another interior design trend that we added to our homes at The Nineteen at Elk Run in Maple Valley, WA are tall ceilings. There are certain feelings that you get when walking into a room with high ceilings — one of openness and expansiveness — no matter if it’s the main living area or a second bedroom.

Is grandeur your style? High ceilings can also give a feeling of elegance. If you want people to swoon over your home, having ceilings that help provide that “wow” factor is definitely a step in the right direction.

Another benefit is that you can enjoy a bold and/or darker accent wall without having to sacrifice that spatial feeling. With the ceiling being higher, you can afford to go more daring with your wall colors. Whatever you envision in your mind, can become a reality in your rooms.

Tall ceilings at The Nineteen Elk Run in Maple Valley, WA.

3. Wallpaper

If you’re tired of looking at solid colored walls, you’ll love to hear that wallpaper is making a comeback. Although it never truly went away, there’s a recent resurgence in the use of it throughout homes.

Why do people fall in love with wallpaper? Simply put, it’s a relatively easy way to add dimension and texture to a room. The results you get with wallpaper are very often an impossible request of paint to pull off — no matter the skill of the painter.

Branch out and see what’s available for your selected areas. You might just surprise yourself with what you’re able to create.

4. Plants

It’s not hard to figure out why plants have been a mainstay of interior design. They help freshen up a room and bring a feeling of the outdoors to your indoor living areas.

For those health-conscious individuals, plants can also help clean the air and bring the needed carbon dioxide to you home’s air. There are certain plants that do this better than others, so do your research to ensure you get the right ones for your needs.

If you’re not used to taking care of live plants, start small and expand from there. You might find yourself having a bit of greenery in each room of the house really brightens your day — and the room itself.

Bring the outdoors in with plants in your home at The Nineteen Elk Run in Maple Valley, WA.

5. No Couch

It might seem a little crazy to lose a staple of family and living rooms everywhere, but there is a trend leaning that way. Benches have become quite popular, and now we’re seeing them in different rooms — not just kitchens.

How can you make this work for you? Depending on your style, you can make the room more casual, or dress up the area and make it more elegant and swank by choosing different fabrics and designs. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce a striking color into the room.

There are many different styles of benches out there to choose from, and there’s sure to be the one that fits the bill for you.

Interior design trends come and go each year, but there are some that never quite leave. Take time to experiment and discover which ones are most important to you and your home.

Living space with out a couch is a 2019 design. Get inspired by visiting Model Homes at The Nineteen Elk Run in Maple Valley, WA.

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