It doesn’t seem to matter how big (or small) your home is, finding ways to maximize your space can be a challenge. Many of us have a tendency to accumulate things, and the more space we have, the more we tend to add.

So what happens when you realize your space just isn’t working and you need more storage solutions?

By being smart about how you maximize your space you can find creative ways to make the square footage you have as functional as possible.

Here are six ideas on how you can maximize the space in your home.

#1. Find the Wasted Space

When you look around your house, there are all sorts of spaces that may not be used to their maximum potential.

Think of your bedroom — what’s going on in that space under your bed? Underbed storage boxes are a great way to store blankets or seasonal clothing and they can easily be slid in and out. And if your bed isn’t tall enough to fit boxes, consider getting blocks to lift the bed and create more space.

Baskets big or small are also a great way to make use to space that might otherwise be wasted. And the beauty of baskets is that they hide all sorts of things. Whether you’re storing them under a coffee or end table, or top of kitchen cabinets, baskets are a great way to consolidate multiple items into one spot and keep a space looking clean and organized.

#2. Go Up — Way Up

If you don’t have the space you want on the ground, it’s time to look upwards. Vertical spaces are often underutilized and a missed opportunity to create even more storage. There are areas throughout your entire home to make use of that higher up space, you just need to get creative.

The obvious first choice is to add shelving and take it all the way up to the ceiling, using the highest shelves for occasional use items. Some other ideas include:

• Kitchen cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling.
• Stack whatever you can — washer and dryer, nesting tables and so on.
• Add an extra rod or shelf to your closets to create more hanging and folding space.

Also consider the furniture you choose, and consider going with height over width for items like dressers and cabinets.

#3. Choose Double Duty Pieces

When you look at different furniture pieces in your home, how many functions does each serve? By choosing pieces that do double duty you’re choosing both form and function, and it’s the ideal way to maximize space in your home.

Different options for double duty furniture include:
• Ottomans with storage inside.
• Beds with built in drawers.
• Ends tables with shelving or room for baskets.
• Small dressers as bedside tables.
• Sleeper sofas or murphy beds for a guest room.
• Open bookshelves as a room dividers.
• Headboards with hidden storage.

#4. Reimagine What You Already Have

Just because a piece of furniture was designed for one purpose, it doesn’t mean it can’t be used for something else totally different.

Let’s say you have your grandma’s old curio cabinet but collectibles aren’t your thing. Why not use that cabinet as a bookshelf for both storage and display purposes?

A piece like a dining room sideboard could easily be used as a media unit for your TV and leaves you plenty of storage room for video game consoles and all sorts of other things.

The key with reimagining furniture is to look at what you already have, and see how you can make the most of it somewhere else in your space. And remember, a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware can quickly freshen up an old favorite.

#5. Refresh Your Closet

A closet is one area in the house where people often end up with a lot of wasted space. Often we don’t think of giving our closets a makeover, but with some planning and effort, your closet could be one of the best storage areas in your house.

Ways to update your closet for maximum storage include:

• Installing a DIY closet organizer that has shelves, drawers, shoe racks and more.
• Putting a dresser IN the closet. Not only will this help organize the closet itself, but it can free up floor space in the room.
• Create hanging storage on the door. This is a great spot for belts, scarves, ties and shoes.

#6. Customize Premade Pieces

Have you ever found a piece of furniture at a big box store and thought it would work “if only” it had X, Y or Z? For someone who’s even just a little bit handy, there are ways you can take a piece and customize to your needs.

Take a home office for example. With so many people working from home now, a lot of us are working in home offices that have two or three or even more functions. So how can you design one room to do multiple things?

You could create a built-in desk in a closet space using a couple of pre-built cabinets and simply add a piece of wood on top. You could take a few pre-built bookcases, add a smaller piece in the middle and make a custom wall unit, evening adding a piece across the top for even more storage.

Or maybe you already have a desk but it just doesn’t have enough storage. Using a combination of upper cabinets and shelves (both premade) you can create the storage you’re missing.

When it comes to ways to maximize the space in your home, one thing is clear — a little out of the box thinking can go a long way. By taking a step back and objectively looking at what you’re working with, you’re sure to find some opportunities to maximize your storage and make your home even more functional.

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