Every year when the calendar turns over, every design magazine and website is full of fresh new ideas for the coming year.

What makes this coming year extra interesting is that it also marks the start of a new decade, and these trends will likely set the tone for what’s to come in the next several years.

While designing a home strictly based on trends isn’t usually the best way to ensure your house has a look and feel that’s timeless, including some key items that are on-trend is a great way to have a space that looks current.

Here are our picks for 2020 interior design trends you should consider incorporating into your home.

Create Your Color Story

The colors you choose in your home should speak to you and make you feel welcome the moment you walk in the door. While the past decade may have been focused on neutrals and plenty of gray-on-gray palettes, the 2020 interior design trends are all about bringing a fresh color story into the next decade.

Touches of Pink
While traditionally considered a more feminine color, the use of pink in home decor is on the rise. Whether it’s a soft pink painted on the walls or a bubble gum accent pillow, pink can be used to create a pop of color. If the idea of pink seems a bit scary, consider using it as an accent to a neutral. An area rug with vibrant pink tones, pink-hued artwork, or a painted pink fireplace wall are all small changes you can make to include pink in your room.

Black and White
When people think black and white, it often conjures up images of the old checkerboard kitchen floors. Black and white work exceptionally well together to create a cohesive look that still feels neutral. Consider painting interior doors black but sticking with white trim, or choosing black kitchen cupboards to complement a white counter and backsplash.

Earth Tones
The earth tones that were ultra-popular in the 70s are making a comeback! Don’t worry, though. We aren’t talking about a harvest gold stove or avocado green fridge. Earth tones are exactly what their name denotes — colors that are found naturally in our environment. Greens, yellows, browns, beiges, and gray all work together and can be used to create a space that is layered in color but not visually overwhelming.

Bold Colors
2020 is going to see a resurgence of rich, bold colors. Navy blue, kelly green, and warm reds are all being favored as the go-to colors. If you want to incorporate the bold colors into your space, consider skipping accessories and go straight to painting the walls. A dark color on the wall doesn’t have to make the room look small; with the right accessories in pale colors and lighter, more airy furniture pieces, the room will feel well-balanced.

Make a Big Statement

One of the best things you can do for your space is to create visual interest, and nothing stands out in a sea of neutrals like something big and bold that draws in the eye.

Bold Backsplashes
Subway tile backsplashes are on their way out, and in their place comes tiles with plenty of color and pattern. Kitchens tend to skew more neutral in their design, so consider making the backsplash the one place you buck the trend and choose something completely unexpected.

Floral Wallpaper
If you lived through the latter half of the 1900s, you’re no stranger to wallpaper. But this isn’t your granny’s wallpaper with the roses and vines. Nowadays, there are literally thousands upon thousands of choices for floral wallpaper, ranging from muted delicate patterns to big and in-your-face geometrics. Wallpaper application has also never been easier, and you can choose the old school paste and paper route or one of the newer peel and stick options.

Unexpected Fabrics
There are certain fabrics that we don’t often associate with everyday use, like velvet or corduroy. But as we roll into the new decade, the question is: Why not? Fabrics are one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to change the look and feel of a space, so selecting something unexpected, like throw pillows with whale corduroy, a velvet accent chair, or a faux fur ottoman are a great way to add some luxury.

Choose Interesting Furniture and Accent Pieces

Instead of trying to do too many things at once, consider choosing a particular piece of furniture or accent to make a statement. You CAN have too much of a good thing, so start by choosing key pieces and then build your decors around those. 

Canopy Beds
These statement pieces are making a comeback in 2020, but a canopy bed doesn’t automatically mean frills and lace. Depending on the materials (most commonly metal or wood), a canopy bed can be more regal and delicate or feel more masculine and heavy. With such a standout piece of furniture, we suggest keeping the rest of the room muted and ensuring all other furniture is much more compact in scale, so the room doesn’t feel crowded.

Mixed Metals
The old rule of not mixing gold and silver is thrown out the window, and mixing metals is now on-trend. The trick is to choose one type of metal as the dominant one, and then use the others as accents. The color palette of your room should help steer you towards which your dominant metal will be. Choose metals with different finishes to create visual interest and keep pieces well spaced out so they don’t end up competing as focal points in the room.

Glass Lighting
Great lighting can change the look of a room, and glass lighting adds an element of interest and sparkle. Glass fixtures not only make the lights seem brighter, but they also can create interesting reflections and patterns — especially in the evening. Chandeliers, pendants, overhead lights, floor or end table lamps in a variety of styles can be tied together to look cohesive by all being made from glass.

These beautiful fabric compositions can do dual-duty when it comes to being wall decor. Not only do they add color and texture to the room, but they can be used in place of traditional artwork.

Real Plants
Real plants are a lovely option for decor, and they’re also excellent for the air quality in your house. Plants are versatile due to the vast variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so look around and see which spaces you want to fill in your rooms. Need to spruce up an awkward empty corner in your living room? Choose a large floor plant, and put it in a decorative pot that compliments your color palette. Need a pop of color? Look for tabletop plants that flower a few times a year. Don’t forget, if you’re someone whose green thumb is a bit rusty, do some research on which houseplants require minimal care.

When it comes to making your home feel exactly as you want it to, personalization is the name of the game. By incorporating some of the 2020 interior design trends discussed, your home can look current while being decidedly yours.

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